I help high achievers go trough life lighter, reconnect with themselves and find plenitude and experience joy, while maintaining high levels of achievement.

"When a woman decides to heal herself, she becomes a work of love and compassion, since she does not become healthy only to herself, but also to her entire lineage" - Bert Hellinger

I am Ana Carolina de Monteiro Leite e Silva. Also known as The Empowerment Queen! I will help you  reconnect with yourself, move away from living in auto-pilot mode, find balance and experience joy again.

By mixing 20+years of corporate wisdom with holistic tools and therapies, including,  but not limited to Pranic Healing®, Feminine Energy Healing and Systemic Constellations, you will feel reconnected with yourself, and you will grow and prosper even more, in ALL AREAS of your life.

Last but not least: I speak from a woman's perspective, but any HUMAN that resonates with my messaging, who wishes to learn, grow and identifies with  any of my offerings is ALWAYS WELCOME to reach out.